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Real Estate Development

Do you need the services of real estate developers to handle your real estate projects from start to finish?

Kingsworth Integrated Services provides an all round integrated construction management and development to varied forms of real estate projects. We are well equipped and capable of coordinating and guiding the development process and team, thereby serving as the main point for decision making and communication.

With over two decades experience in the real estate sector, we have completed developmental projects for leading organizations covering all real estate asset classes. This experience has provided us with fresh insights to serve our clients with  perfect real estate construction and development projects. Our services range from the comprehensive package which takes projects from initial idea to completion as well as a sector of service that supplements a larger project. 

Basically, Kingsworth real estate development services cut across the following such as;

  • Identification, evaluation and structure property acquisition
  • Concept development plans preparation
  • Stakeholders and interest groups identification
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Supervision and coordination of project consultants to ensure proper invoicing and productuctivity. 
  • Planning, engineering, architectural design and property management
  • Procure all regulatory approvals such as zoning, draft plan, site plan and official plan.
  • Project budget preparation that covers design, development and construction’
  • Use ongoing reports to track detailed project schedules
  • Development and oversight of all marketing, leasing and sales strategies
  • Establishment and implementation of project cost control
  • Assistance in obtaining project financing.
  • And a whole lot more to get your real estate project developed for you.

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